2014-01-04T16:20:56.000-08:00January 04 2014, at 04:20 PM PST, Basil Whitener said:

The Polar Bear lived up to it's name today!
Thanks to Keith & Carrie Wise, Tyson Cook, Pat & Mike Scott, Mike Phillips,Jamie and everyone else that made it a great event.
Hope our sponsors think they got their money's worth.
I would think that today, only means next year will see even more riders.

2013-01-30T16:42:51.000-08:00January 30 2013, at 04:42 PM PST, carrie said:

you need to add Jason Reed...his email address is has moved to VA but wants to keep up with the group and ride when he can

2013-01-13T16:30:29.000-08:00January 13 2013, at 04:30 PM PST, Basil Whitener said:

Great turn out for the Polar Bear ride today. Thanks to Mike Scott for organizing and pulling off a great event.

2012-11-23T03:31:40.000-08:00November 23 2012, at 03:31 AM PST, Robert Porcelli said:

Joe, deeply appreciate the invitation about posting weekly rides. At this point don't think it's worthy as being posted as regular scheduled event as my personal schedule is kinda / sorta fluid with family events off and on for next several weeks as Holidays unfold.

That said, I do plan on riding this Saturday the 25th, for Morning Ride from Parking lot across from South Main Cycles, Meet at 7:45 a.m. Depart 8:00 a.m.
* Belmont Loop
* Pace approx 15 mph
* Distance approx 15 miles

Rob Porcelli

2012-11-19T13:25:00.000-08:00November 19 2012, at 01:25 PM PST, Stephen Pepitone said:

The old GCC site now redirects to our new TeamPages site. The old site is no longer accessible.

...RIP Old Site

2012-11-19T12:46:30.000-08:00November 19 2012, at 12:46 PM PST, Joe Hageman said:

Let us know if you have a weekly ride you would like for us to add to the calendar.

2012-11-17T16:55:56.000-08:00November 17 2012, at 04:55 PM PST, Tyson Cook said:

...Off to a great start! Looking forward to moving ahead in the new year!